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The Flower Girl ~ Ava Capra

The Flower Girl ~ Ava Capra

Ava Capra Metropolitan Fashion Week

Ava Capra joins us on the red carpet at Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala & Awards Show.  She graces the red carpet in a gorgeous lace top double slit gown with her best friend Brandon Cole Bailey.

One year ago she was working the challenges on America’s Next Top Models (ANTM). Capra’s dream was to appear on ANTM and work the runway. There was a height requirement in seasons past. She was just a little shy of the requirement until the last season. Tyra Banks saw something in the 5’5′ Capra.

Capra works hard and focuses on the challenges on ANTM. She has a major look change and takes it in stride because this is her dream. She gains a following that loves to seeing this young model make her dreams come true. This experience is a fabulous opportunity for Capra.  It is heartbreaking for viewers when her time ended too soon on ANTM.

Capra continues to focus on her goal of modeling and makes it very successful. Capra says, “I turned to my faith, family, and good friends to pick myself up. I learned a lot about myself and modeling. I knew this was my dream and I love the work.”

Capra has done just that. She graces the runways, cover of magazines, red carpets and more. She commands the runway as if she is taller than life. Her runway shows have include Art Hearts Fashion Week, Metropolitan Fashion Week, LA Swim Week, and more. She is often referred to as the flower Child Virgin and her flower brand, “Bloom by Ava.”

Her mother, Ann Marie Capra, states, “Ava has worked hard to stay focused, true to herself, and is making her dream come true.” Her mother states it best. Capra during the last year after leaving ANTM accomplishes a lot. Tyra Banks saw something in Capra, but Capra continues to shows that something special. She brings a strong determination to fashion, runway, commercial, and beauty making her dreams come true.

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