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‘Okja’ A Netflix Film Screens At Cannes

‘Okja’ A Netflix Film Screens At Cannes

Okja, a film with a juxtaposition on genres, screens at Grand Théâtre Lumière at Cannes Film Festival. This film’s distribution and financing by Netflix. The film’s director, BONG Joon Ho and cast take on the controversy surrounding the new media at Cannes in stride. The film brings to the forefront the concept of capitalism and conservation of natural resources.

Tilda Swinton (Lucy Mirando) Seo-hyun An (Mija) Okja Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
Tilda Swinton (Lucy Mirando) Seo-hyun An (Mija) Okja 

The film synopsis: Mija, a young girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend, a mystical animal named Okja. The film takes on the concept of environment, consumerism, and childhood imagination.

Tilda Swinton, Oscar award-winning actress, plays Lucy Mirando CEO of the Mirando Corporation in the film.  Mirando provides a sterile perfect image to the public, but brings the sense that there is more behind the scenes. The company developed the mystical creature. Swinton says, “The feeling of dedication and simplicity in living life that is what animals can teach us.” This film demonstrates the natural environment and capitalism struggle.

The film’s starting location creates an environment of its own. The serene mountains and childhood imagination brings a strong force of love, contrary to the conflict and suffering throughout the film.

Seo-Hyun Ahn, actress Mija, states, “I love animals too. Before shooting Okja I loved to eat meat, particularly pork. I have been greatly influenced by the character, Mija. I am sure I will not eat as much meat as before.” She is from South Korea and her career includes the film Monster. 

Okja and Seo-Hyun Ahn (Mija) Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
Okja and Seo-Hyun Ahn (Mija) Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Jake Gyllenhaal is excited about this film’s message and ability to reach hundreds of thousands through the limited theatre screenings and streaming. He states, “Sometimes it’s not just an issue of aim, it’s also an issue of when a movie comes out and what it has to say, and I think there’s no better time than now for something like this.” Okja provides a message that can be communicated to audiences worldwide.

Seo-Hyun Ahn (Mija) Cannes FIlm Festival 4CHion Lifestyle
Seo-Hyun Ahn (Mija) Cannes FIlm Festival Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Okja brings to Cannes Film Festival the first Netflix film screening. The debate began early in the festival about the online streaming media. Pedro Almodovar, the president of the Palme d’Or jury, states at a press conference “the screen for films should not be smaller than the chair on which you’re sitting.”

Will Smith, Palme d’Or juror, discusses the ability of his young adult children to enjoy a movie in the theatre and on home screens. He brings forward the concept that many films are not viewed in the cinema theatre. These options allow his children to experience cinema films with the escape and grandeur intended while experiencing films they would otherwise never view.

OKJA CANNES Image Credit Venturelli : Getty Images 4Chion Lifestyle
OKJA CANNES Image Credit Venturelli : Getty Images

Bong, at the film’s press conference, says, “loved working with the company, its willingness to authorize a higher budget and it was a wonderful experience.” There was a glitch for the first few minutes of the screening. He also explains that he was, “excited that the press could watch the opening film scene twice.”

Swinton, states. “It’s really important the president feels free to make any statement he or she wants … but if you want to know what I really think — there’s room for everybody,” She further explains that this debate brings forward the way we are entertained and what respect is brought to the art of film. The cast tells us who there Okja is in their life here. Who is your Okja?

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Cast and Crew:

Tilda SWINTON – Lucy Mirando

Paul DANO – Jay

Seo Hyun AHN – Mija

BONG Joon Ho – Hee Bong

Steven YEUN – K

Lily COLLINS – Red

YOON Je Moon – Mundo Park

Shirley HENDERSON – Jennifer

Daniel HENSHALL – Blond

Devon BOSTICK – Silver

Giancarlo ESPOSITO – Frank Dawson

Jake GYLLENHAAL – Dr Johnny Wilcox

BONG Joon Ho – Director

BONG Joon Ho – Script / Dialogue

Jon RONSON – Script / Dialogue

Darius KHONDJI – Cinematography

Yang JINMO – Film Editor

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Photo Credits FDC Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

A Woman’s World, The Beguiled ~ Cannes

A Woman’s World, The Beguiled ~ Cannes

The Beguiled Red Carpet Cannes Film Festival
The Beguiled Red Carpet Photo Credit Mathilde Petit FDC Cannes Film Festival

The Beguiled is one of the most anticipated films at Cannes Film Festival. Director, Sofia Coppola, brings the woman’s point of view and how it was for these women during this time period. The original film was from the man’s point of view. This point of view brings a new dynamic to the melodramatic remake.

Film synopsis At a girls’ school in Virginia during the Civil War, where the young women are sheltered from the outside world, a wounded Union soldier is taken in. Soon, the house is taken over with sexual tension, rivalries, and an unexpected turn of events.

The Beguiled Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film

This film is a remake of (The Beguiled (1971).  Both films based on the novel The Beguiled by Thomas Cullinan. The first film brings the male perspective of a wounded Union soldier. Coppola brings the story back with the perspective of the women in the boarding school.

The Beguiled Movie 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Movie Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film

The revisiting of The Beguiled creates its own dynamics. Coppola says, “I never tried to remake the film, go back and tell my story. I wanted to forget that and to imagine how I would make this film.” She brings the women’s stories and perspective to the forefront.

Beguiled Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film

Coppola discusses the film being a feminist film, she states, “It is up to the audience to determine how they want to take it. I put my thoughts into film and you can determine how it affects you. I was making the film from the female point of view. The core of the story is the power struggle between the male and female.” The story brings this struggle to the center of the film.

Living in a boarding school atmosphere where they are all women who are functioning well, until the new dynamic, Farrell enters the school. Kidman states about Farrell’s character, “I think he comes in an ruins everything. We were fine. We only could not procreate. Good riddance to him.” The dynamic changes for each person in the film.

The Beguiled Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Kirsten Dunst, plays Edwina Dabney in the film, says “all these people pent up together no matter male, female, or a mixture. There will always be something that comes out it is a survivalist technique. Colin just happens to be what all our aggression, energy, and emotions corseted up, let’s say. They get unleashed because this new dynamic comes in.” This does bring a change for the girls attending the boarding school.

The Beguiled Nicole Kidman 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Nicole Kidman CreditFDC Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Nicole Kidman recalls Martha Farnsworth, her character in the film, “is very maternal. Kidman states, “She is there to protect these girls in a very treacherous difficult time. Her motivation is to protect them, to guide them, to bring them, so when the war ends they are capable.” Farrell’s character makes it difficult for the continued protection.

Colin Farrell, John McBurney character in the film, states “It has been a journeyman to get here. Many miles of roads and many corsets. It was an amazing experience shooting this film. Coppola sets a particular mood, one that is of comfort, of ease, trust, and an environment that allows you as an actor to explore and play. It was my favorite experience and shoot. Sophia is a creative beast of an engine with tenderness, elegance, and a gentility.”  Looking forward to this film? It will be in theaters June 20, 2017.

The Beguiled Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle b
The Beguiled Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Just a few fun notes from the press conference Kidman and Coppola often swiped their hair from the left side of their faces at the same time. Kidman discusses working through mistakes, “I try to focus on the positive. Sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed.  That is the journey. You just get back up. . . You fall over you brush off your knees and get back up. It is a really really hard thing to do. You cry and you feel. It is not saying don’t feel, but experience it navigates and get move through it. . . I’ll learn from everything.”

This 70th year will continue to evolve film worldwide. Stay tuned here for coverage of events from fashion, red carpet, actresses/actors, and films.


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Cast and Crew

Colin FARRELL – McBurney

Nicole KIDMAN – Miss Martha

Kirsten DUNST – Edwina

Elle FANNING – Alicia


Angourie RICE – Jane

Addison RIECKE – Marie

Emma HOWARD – Emily

Sofia COPPOLA – Director

Sofia COPPOLA – Script / Dialogue

Philippe LE SOURD – Director of Photography

Sarah FLACK – Film Editor

(Groupe) PHOENIX – Music

Anne ROSS – Set decorator

Photo Credit Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film

Hollywood’s Party ~ Golden Globes

Hollywood’s Party ~ Golden Globes

The Golden Globes starts award season each year with exceptional fashion, food, and entertainment. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association honors the best in film and television at the 74th annual ceremony. This year’s red carpet, dinner, award show, and after parties did not disappoint.

gabriel styles u Egith van Dinther 4Chion Style
Gabriel Styles U Photo Credit Gabriel Langenbrunner

Many gracing the red carpet turn to a stylist to put the entire look together. “The stylist’s job is to bring all looks together that the team has envisioned for the celebrity.” (Gabriel Langenbrunner).  Gabriel styles Egith van Dinther, rising Dutch model, for the Golden Globes red carpet look. The soft romantic style is a beautiful look for the red carpet.

Styling includes:

  • Dress: Pia Gladys Perey
  • Rings: Rosalina Lydster
  • Earrings: Alyce Ross
  • Bracelet: Caterina Jewelry
  • Clutch: DeBlossom
  • Shoes: Louboutin

Red carpet fashion was a variety of gowns, pantsuits, tuxedos, and designers. This year was the year of the beard for men. The gowns were traditional, classic, and the first couture gown. The fashion was colorful with yellow being a strong presence for the evening.

The night held some great classics, new modern twists, and setting the tone for award season. The evening was fabulous from the red carpet to after parties.


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Photo Credit D’Orazio & Associates