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Woman Power ~ Loretta Swit

Woman Power ~ Loretta Swit


Loretta Swit joins us on the red carpet at Metropolitan Fashion Week. She walks the red carpet with grace, beauty, and joy. She is wearing an elegant red gown that she designed.

Swit is best known for her Emmy® winning role Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan on M*A*S*H. This role takes place during the Korean War. She is a strong woman in a medical army camp. She is the mistress of Major Frank Burns. Many actors on the show had a love interest in her character.

Houlihan provided a woman’s insight to working in a male-dominated arena, but great girl power. Swit speaks about her role as, “this character did this in the 50s as a woman. This television show’s time period was when most women were starting to define their role. Not only this, but the series took place in the 70s when women’s roles were still being redefined. She brought a reality that women are strong, influential, and powerful. I loved playing this powerful role.”

Swit is excited to see the role of women continue to be defined and change. She said, “Look at the election this year. Hillary Clinton has brought the first presidential nominated woman. She commands and brings a strong resume to the nomination.” Swit beamed as she discussed the role that women bring to the home, business, and world.

Swit’s most popular role is not her only acting role. Swit’s acting roles include Same Time, Next Year on Broadway, Any Wednesday, Mame, and 1000 performances of Shirley Valentine. She had a show, Those Incredible Animals, seen on the Discovery Channel, The Animal Planet and in 30 countries.

She was honored with The Sarah Siddons Award for her performance in Shirley Valentine. Swit honors are numerous from 2 Emmys, People Choice Awards, The Genie Award, The Silver Satellite Award, and 6 Golden Globe nominations to name a few. She is the Woman of the Year from the Animal Protection Institute and International Fund for Animal Welfare. Her love for animals found in her new book “Switheart.”

Swit works with National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. This foundation provides relief and strength in training rescued dog for first responders. The dogs are paired with a firefighter at no cost to the fire department. This training takes the dog from rescue to a contributing member of the community.


Swit’s honored with The GES Africa Conservation Fund’s 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award for Animal Conservation for her passion and commitment to animals. Metropolitan Fashion Week in Los Angeles sponsor, GES Africa Conservation Fund, is the leading Wildlife Management operation in South Africa.

Metropolitan Fashion Week is a growing fashion week with presentations in Seattle, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and soon in New York. The fashion week provided exceptional fashion, honors, awareness for Autism, and an exceptional event for all attending. Swit states, “She is honored to be attending this event.” We wish Swit a belated 79th birthday. Swit continues to influence in film, art, fashion, philanthropy, and a powerful woman.


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Connectivity ~ By Definition In The Wilderness

Connectivity ~ By Definition In The Wilderness

By Definition In The Wilderness a short fashion film presented at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. The film brings a connectivity to the world of fashion with a group of friends in the Coachella Valley desert region.

By Definition In The Wilderness 4chion lifestyle
By Definition In The Wilderness Photo Credit LJIFFF


The friends become separated due to a desert storm. They have to overcome obstacles and find their way back to each other. Mathew Koppin, the film’s director, and producer states, “This film captures the edge of the independent spirit. Each person becomes lost in a desert storm.”  There is a connectivity these friends’ share that drives them to reconnect in the end. The active urban style presents a brand meant that is perfect for daily wear.

By Definition, the clothing brand represented in the film, the fashion lifestyle brand’s mission is designing and creating an eco-friendly fashion line. The clothing line is contemporary with a classic feel.

By Definition In The Wilderness LJFFF 4Chion Lifestyle
By Definition In The Wilderness LJFFF Photo Credit Raymond L Forchion Jr.

Kristen, film costuming and brand partner, says, “we want to teach people why recycling clothing is important. Our clothing production provides job stability contributing to families and the community. We give 5% of all sales to By Definition Foundation. ” This foundation supports the planet by funding programs, individuals, and entities that work to improve the earth.

This fashion brand is providing connectivity for consumers to the fashion they buy. They connectivity with awareness to the production, eco-friendly inks, the value in recycling clothing, and care for our clothing.

The friends in the film, as well as the clothing they are wearing, have a strong connectivity to the world around them.

Film nominated for Best Editing and Cinematography.


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