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Kether Donohue Celebrates ~ Grease Live

Kether Donohue Celebrates ~ Grease Live

Emmy's Creative Arts 2016 Red Carpet 4Chion Lifestyle
Emmys® Creative Arts 2016 Red Carpet

Kether Donohue joins us on the red carpet at the Emmys® Creative Arts Awards. She comes with a strong background in television, theater, and film. She is an actress, producer, director, and writer. Her performance in Grease Live as Jan provides comic relief. 

Donohue embraced her career from an early age growing up in New York. She attended a performing arts high school and graduated from Fordham University with a concentration in film. This training prepared her for each role she has undertaken.

Taking on the iconic role Jan in Grease Live took some time to create the character into a new modern role while capturing Jan’s essence. Donohue states, “The directors provided an atmosphere for me to explore, make mistakes, and hone in on the character for this production.” This allows for Jan to come to life for a new generation. 

Her career has spanned decades. She has worked with theater allowing for her to interact with the audience and crew during a performance. She moved on to voice-over work. This took some time to get used to being alone in a room during a performance. Each role has provided insight to her next performance.

Her beauty in a Vivienne Westwood corset cocktail dress and Prada shoes grace the runway, but her intellect and passion to each role she embraces were clearly demonstrated. She is in You’re the Worst on FX Networks.

Grease Live awarded 5 Emmys® for Outstanding Lighting Design Lighting Direction For A Variety Special, Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, video control for a limited series, movie, or special, Outstanding Special Class Program, Outstanding Directing A Variety Special, and Outstanding Production Design For A Variety Nonfiction Event Or Award Special.

She joined Vanessa Hudgens and Julianne Hough on the red carpet, her co-stars.

Vanessa Anne Hudgen Julianne Hough Kether Donohue Red Carpet Emmys 4Chion Marketing
Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Julianne Hough, & Kether Donohue Emmys® Creative Arts 2016 Red Carpet


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