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The Journey ~ Fashion Designers and Craft Makers Network

The Journey ~ Fashion Designers and Craft Makers Network

The journey for Angelman Syndrome and fashion begins with the founder of Fashion Designers and Craft Makers’ Network, Joanna Marcella. This journey will bring hope and dreams to many young designers and children.

Colin Ferrell NYC Angelman Syndrome
Colin Farrell Angelman Syndrome

The children with Angelman Syndrome suffer from:

  • Laughter
  • Energetic movement
  • Hugs
  • The mutual fascination of all things shiny – including water
  • Profound special needs
  • Lack of verbal skills
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Epilepsy
  • Motor difficulties
  • Around the clock care
  • Difficulty suckling
  • Eating
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Delayed crawling
  • Babbling
  • Balance

Marcella states, “I have a grandson living with Angelman Syndrome and after watching an interview given by the Hollywood actor Colin Farrell (whose son has Angelman Syndrome) where he took the opportunity to harness the power of the media to raise awareness. I was encouraged to use the power of fashion industry to raise more awareness.”  FAST (Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics) brings together a multidisciplinary team of more than two-dozen scientists from top research universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Angelman Syndrome has been cured multiple ways in mice, and scientists progression they are making is nothing short of thrilling.  As diverse as our Angelman community is, we are all united in one goal: a better future for our children. FAST is committed to bringing life-changing treatments to clinical trials within two years, but we need your help. The young designers are a part of a movement to cure a rare severe neurological condition called Angelman Syndrome.

Flyer Angelman Syndrome Collections Presentation 2018 2
Event Details

The young designers are ages 9-25 years. The vision is to present an international platform for dynamic young designers. This is to help them to find their niche as people and become a brand in their own right. Increasing the numbers and visibility of young and exceptionally gifted multi-cultural designers. Then encourage them to reach their true potential, by rewarding those who excel both creatively and academically.

The designers for this year’s fashion event succeed the vision and mission of FDC Young Designer Awards. The designers attending this year:

  • Kyle Denman
    • Grand Prize Winner of the Project Runway Remake It Work Contes
  • Hawwaa Ibrahim
    • Keeps classic silhouettes of the 1950s and 1960s fashion while modernizing them with adding fun colors and patterns.
  • Paula Prodan
    • Paula Prodan is the young Moldovan woman who brings seduction, luxury and indulgence to the life of women.
  • Chanette Laing
    • Freelance designer and fashion atelier
  • Kymberly Achuba – Designs By K.Y.
    • Embraces the heritage, culture, and fashions of African descents – with an urban and street style.
  • Toni Lyn Spaziano – Chances R Designs
    • Classic contemporary clothing to women of all ages.
  • Flavia Loraque – Flavia
    • Ideal for women with a great deal of personality, women who are bold and enjoy dressing up.
  • Omobolaji Onaolapo – NIIFFE
    • A mix of easy sophistication and individuality—it is a city girl chic.
  • Taylor Love – Taylor Love Couture
    • Inclusivity vs. exclusivity and her line is both androgynous and versatile
  • Sabina Lisievici – Sabina Lisievici
    • Avant-garde style, which would become an inspiration for many other future artists and designers.
  • Jean Fredeling – 3rd Eye Brand
    •  Contemporary casual handcrafted artistically fashionable.
  • Szilvia Juhász – JC Collection
The Paul Hotel boutique NYC 4Chion Lifestyle
The Paul Hotel

The designers are from USA, Romania, Nigeria, Spain, Hungary, and the UK. They will present innovative original fashion collections. There will also be LaMonique Cosmetics an eco-conscious cosmetics company and Sharon D. Bankhead – Paparazzi Accessories will be exhibiting. The event is at The Paul Hotel Boutique 32 West 29th Street NYC April 28, 2018, 2-6 PM, with a wine reception. Proceeds will go to (FAST) Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. Purchase tickets here.


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Twitter https://twitter.com/cureangelman

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/cureangelman

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cureangelman/

LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/foundation-for-angelman-syndrome-therapeutics

SnapChat https://www.snapchat.com/add/cureangelman

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Beautifully Autistic ~ Autism Awareness La Vie En Blue

Beautifully Autistic ~ Autism Awareness La Vie En Blue

This evening brings Autism Awareness to the forefront. Metropolitan Fashion Week and Autism Speaks preset En Blue 2016 Fashion Gala. This evening is to honor the 70 million affected by autism worldwide. The evening filled with glamour, honor, and autism awareness.

Kara Ann Autism 4Chion Lifestyle
Kara Ann Autism

Kara Ann Autism 4chion lifestyle

Meet Kara Ann, nonverbal autistic, 25% of those on the autism spectrum are nonverbal. She loves Katy Perry, her baby doll, Final Four basketball, and eating. She is the adventurer of the family. This is a look into her world

this video created by her father. He filmed her afternoon activities about 6 years ago. Here family provides exceptional care and love for her daily needs, but the needs will be for the rest of her life.

There is a lifetime need for many families. This support comes through contributions from donors, volunteers, events like this, and corporations. Autism Speaks in Southern California works with the community by providing kits, family services, and leading medical centers.

Autism, a complex developmental disorder from genetic and environmental influences.   One in 68 children. The evening raises funds towards family help, research, and advocacy.

Metro Fashion Week Autism Speaks Warner Brothers
Harry Topping Jr. Metro Fashion Week Autism Speaks Warner Brothers

This evening Metropolitan Fashion Week produces an evening with Autism Speaks to honor Harry Topping Jr., Vice President of Corporate Real Estate at City National bank, and Steven Grossman, Talent Manager and Producer at Untitled Entertainment. Topping is honored with the Advocate of The Year. He started the golf tournament, Topping Brothers benefiting autism, after his three son autism diagnosis.  Steven Grossman a firm believer his voice, platform, and relationships will strength the awareness and response. He is began working with Autism Speaks after his son’s diagnosis in 2013.

Metro Fashion Week Autism Speaks Warner Brothers
Metro Fashion Week Autism Speaks Warner Brothers

Jeannie Mai, television personality, introduces Steven Grossman. She states, “I will never forget New York Fashion Week FW 2013. This is the time when Steven got the news that his son, Graydon, has autism. The challenges for this family included finances, energy, lack of understanding from society, and understanding special needs. Steven posted this news on social media on July 20, 2013. He exposed one of the most challenging roles of a parent’s life. He did not want his family to feel isolated, unsupported or alone. He recognizes that if we all had a little more sympathy and understanding for families we can create a more harmonious future for our kids. A man who puts his wife and kids first.” Grossman provides awareness with conversation and continued support of Autism Speaks.

Metro Fashion Week Autism Speaks Warner Brothers
Metro Fashion Week Autism Speaks Warner Brothers

Grossman discusses the lessons his family learned from Graydon and his diagnosis. He states, “first be kind to each other. 1 in 42 boys does not mean anything to you if your life isn’t profoundly affected. Lesson two I don’t really know what normal or traditional means anymore in our society. In my family, we’ve started living with greater awareness of all the things we take for granted. With my son, we’ve learned to appreciate simple milestones like his willingness to wear his winter coat without a fight. Lesson three I feel compelled to tell you I’m not even the real hero. Those people are the folks from this charity, the doctors, the ABA and OT therapists, like Jane, Nay, and Amanda that work over 40 hours a week with children like my son. As I told Matt Asner, when he asked me to accept this award, personally didn’t think I did enough yet to deserve it. We went back and forth a bit about it, but I finally agreed that I would earn it. I will graciously and humbly accept this award on your behalf. I will continue to earn it.”

Graydon enjoyed the evening and told reporters about his dinosaurs. As the evening came to a close. He enjoyed the blue runway playing with his dinosaurs with his mother by his side.

The evening filled with exceptional fashion on the blue runway. Designers include Guess Kids, David Tupaz, Delia MacPhee, Sivalia Couture, and Ron Tomson. Many designers present designs in blue, the Autism awareness color. Hosts for the evening Molly Sims, and Kevin Frazier.

Metro Fashion Week Autism Speaks Warner Brothers

The ability to be kind and understanding will help those families, children, and many on the autism spectrum have acceptance and compassion.


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Connect with Autism Awareness here:

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