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iDildo ~ Now You See Us

iDildo ~ Now You See Us

“iDildo does the trick and you don’t have to cook it food or wash its sock.” Romina Schwedler’s latest comedy short film about certain aged women feeling invisible and often misinterpreted. She uses light and comedy to carry a deeper message.

Barbara Miluski and Caroline Ryburn


Now You See Us is is “a coming of (a certain) age story” about two rival actresses played by Barbara Miluski and Caroline Ryburn. They are both auditioning for a part in a TV commercial. They begin to realize that they have more in common than just a rivalry.

Film Details

This 11-minute film brings the best of age discrimination and a lifelong rivalry full circle. The women find common ground in the idea that the one line in the commercial is the actress holding up a cell and stating, “I only use it in emergencies.” The cell phone begins the conversation about women of a certain age struggle with technology.

Caroline says, “I have an i-phone, i-pad, and an iDildo. It does the trick, you don’t have to cook for it, or wash its sock.” They both laugh at the idea that they had made large changes and sacrifices in their life. Even that iDildo is better than having someone around.

The walls break-down when they realize that they are being stereotyped for acting roles. “Boomers” no longer matter. They were the pitch to crowd, changing food, and fashion. They are invisible now.

Light and Comedy Use

The entire film is black and white adding a feel of age. The dimness of light in the waiting area adds to the tension of their rivalry. The loss of light brings the cell phone use in the time of an emergency adding to the humor. The end of the film light is used to bring awareness to the issues that these women are facing

The phases of the moon photos in the room where the audition is to take place clearly demonstrate the many phases of life the women this age experienced. This is a connecting piece that puts the rivalry to rest and they start sharing their impressions on being invisible.

Director Romina Schwedler

Romina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She moved to New York to attend American Ballet School at 15. She followed in her parent’s footsteps (she is a director, actress, and singer) by becoming a filmmaker. Her film, The Visit, was screened at 47 film festivals including Prescott’s Film Festival. The film received 13 awards, 16 nominations, and 5 special mentions. Awards include Best Short Film, Best Overall Festival Film, and Best Director.

idildo Now You See Us 4chion Lifestyle
Cast and Crew Now You See Us

Now You See Us

The film’s cast and crew are women. This adds to the dimension of the film’s focus on a section of women that is often discriminated against and stereotyped.

Won the Special Jury Award at its World Premiere at theChelsea Film Festival

Selected for Oscar® Qualifying St. Louis International Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival,

Seattle Film Summit

More screenings are lined up for 2021.

Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRnIfwpmxKU


Barb – Barbara Miluski
Caroline – Caroline Ryburn
Electrician – Leema Mitchell
New Actress – Rochelle Slovin


Romina Schwedler


Executive Producers – Barbara Miluski, Jonathan Hazan
Producer/ Line Producer – Michelle PolancoCo-Producers – Danna Kinsky, Romina Schwedler
Associate Producers – Alan J. Carmona, Bianka WidaKay, Susan Rafter


Play – Barbara Miluski
Adapted Screenplay – Romina Schwedler


Itamar Ben Zimra


Cinematographer – Danna Kinsky
First Assistant Director – Maca Carrizosa
Sound Mixer – Ash Knowlton
Script Supervisor – Mavis Martin
Gaffer – Olivia Kimmel
First Camera Assistant – Diana Rodriguez
Grips & Electrics – Anna Vyaches, Rui Arichika
Production Assistant – Adalina Aladro
Sound Design – Cory Choy, Ash Knowlton, Luke Allen/ SILVER SOUND
Colorist – Jenny Montgomery/ COMPANY 3
VFX Artists – Eddie Lebron, Shaun Ryan
Additional Photography – Alan J. Carmona
BTS Photography – Adalina Aladro
BTS Video – Bianka WidaKay
Editor – Romina Schwedler
Makeup & Hair – Mollie Parks
Graphic Design – Rachel Freeman-Lev
Social Media – Rachel Freeman-Lev, Dora J. Friedman

Social Media

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nowyouseeusfilm/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NowYouSeeUsFilm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nowyouseeusfilm/

Many women can share and relate to this film. The film rings true in my own life. iDildo was a perfect sentiment to we got this!


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Connect with the director, Romina Schwedler, here:

Twitter https://twitter.com/RominaSchwedler

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/romina-schwedler-a1b30367

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rominafilm/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJs_KTDH4axs6nnWHWmkF5Q

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